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Town of Juno Beach

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Dear Juno Beach Residents:

The Town of Juno Beach would like to encourage residents to complete the public survey below regarding Hurricane Irma. The purpose of this survey is to capture how the people in Florida responded to Hurricane Irma and the local evacuation orders. The answers recorded in this survey may provide information for future evacuation modeling.  Participation will not result in response or aid from the Florida Division of Emergency Management or partners promoting this survey.  If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Project Coordinator/Risk Manager Dobbins at or (561)656-0326.


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This year Hurricane Irma, an ensuing sub-tropical system and extraordinarily high tides with strong winds throughout Palm Beach County caused large amounts of seaweed, trash/debris washed ashore and in some locations, substantial beach erosion. While the Town of Juno Beach takes great pride in the condition of its beaches, there are regulations which limit the Town’s ability to remove that debris in a timely manner. The purpose of this site is to advise the public of the Town’s plan to address the problems, while offering suggestions as to how the general public can coordinate with the Town to improve the quality and aesthetics of Juno Beach’s finest natural assets.


The key agencies which manage state beaches in our area are the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Agency (DEP) and the Palm Beach County of Environmental Resource Management (ERM). Other agencies which impact the activities on Town beaches are the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and the Loggerhead Marinelife Center. 

One question often asked is why the beaches are not raked to remove the seaweed. The Department of Environmental Resource Management has provided the Town with regulatory guidance for mechanical beach raking in Juno Beach. ERM stated that all beach regulatory agencies, Environmental Resource Management, Environmental Protection, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Loggerhead Marinelife Center adamantly oppose mechanical raking since it negatively impacts the environment, sea-life, turtles and waterfowl. The unsightly and sometimes foul smelling accumulated seaweed on the beach (called wrack) following high tide serves an important ecological function. Organisms found in recent wrack serve as a source of food for migratory birds. As wrack dries, it is blown by the wind toward the dune, where it serves to catch wind-blown sand to help fertilize dune vegetation as it breaks down.  

Mechanical raking during turtle nesting season is allowed only below the High Water Line and after the beach is cleared of nests by the Marine Turtle Permit holder. The Marine Permit Holder for the beach is the Loggerhead Marinelife Center biologist, who is responsible for marking, care and relocation of turtle nests. Palm Beach County contracts with the Loggerhead Marinelife Center to monitor nests in areas when their public guarded beaches were mechanically raked. Sea turtle nest monitoring and relocation may cost $100 each, and Environmental Resource Management estimates 1000 – 2000 nests would warrant that level of care on the monitored beach within Juno Beach. Should the Town wish to have its beaches mechanically raked, these costs would be borne by the Town.

Town Ordinance prohibits mechanical raking except at County public guarded beach areas. Town Ordinance does allow for hand raking of beaches in Town. A “no fee” permit spells out the allowable dates and conditions which must be followed by individuals or groups wishing to relocate the seaweed. The seaweed cannot be removed from the beach, but rather hand raked to the toe of the dune. The “no fee” permit is active for one year and can be obtained at the Juno Beach Town Center.   


Trash and debris on our beaches can come from a variety of sources, but this situation has become more pronounced following Hurricane Irma. Again, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is the lead agency as it relates to beach maintenance and the use of motorized equipment on beaches. During the months of turtle nesting season, the DEP advises the Town of the following regarding the use of equipment and the removal of derelict debris from the beach:

“The removal efforts of material and debris (from the beach) involving equipment are to be coordinated with Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) and the local marine turtle permit holder, which in your area is the Loggerhead Marinelife Center. The FWC will provide contact information with the designated FWC marine turtle permit holder, as they must be on-site, especially this time of year when there are hundreds of unmarked nests. The permit holder can tell the folks responsible for removing the debris exactly where to steer clear of since they do have GPS information on nests (marked or unmarked). FWC will also generally provide a list of standard operating procedures……like operating or moving to the site on the wet sand portion of the beach as much as practical and removal of all ruts. Although a DEP permit is not needed, this coordination would eliminate any possibility of something unfortunately occurring with an unmarked nest.”

The Town of Juno Beach will begin an aggressive trash removal effort following the end of turtle nesting season which occurs on November 1st. Shortly thereafter, a large force of laborers will walk the entire two miles of beach to clear beaches of litter and debris. This effort will be solely focused on the collection and removal of trash only, no seaweed will be removed or relocated.  Still, despite our best efforts the forces of nature, wind and tide can carry “new” trash onto our beaches after they’ve been cleaned. To maintain our beaches there are various groups and organizations which work to keep beaches clean. Among those agencies are the Loggerhead Marinelife Center volunteer  beach clean-ups, and once  turtle nesting season ends, the Juno Beach Civic Association and the Town’s Earth Day beach cleanup helps remove tons of debris.

The beaches in Juno Beach are a tremendous asset to the Town and we will continue to assess these issues to insure people, waterfowl and marine life continue to enjoy a healthy environment along our beaches.

Questions, comments or concerns? Contact the Juno Beach, Department of Public Works at 561-656-0310.



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  The Town of Juno Beach Encourages all Juno Beach Residents to Sign Up for Palm Beach County's

Emergency Notification System 

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2017 Town Council
(L/R Vice Mayor Pro Tem Frank Fahy; Vice Mayor Jim Lyons;
Mayor Jason Haselkorn; Councilmember Peggy Wheeler;
and Councilmember Bill Greene)

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Ready Campaign

Don't Wait. Communicate about Hurricane Safety.


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Ready Campaign

Don't Wait. Communicate about Hurricane Safety.

Prepare for Hurricanes Now

Promote Hurricane Preparedness Week: May 7-13 in your community

The Ready Campaign recommends using social media tools as a way to promote National Hurricane Preparedness Week, May 7– May 13, as well as throughout hurricane season.  You can either copy these messages directly or customize them to reach your audience.   

Follow the National Weather Service Hurricane Preparedness Weekly Themes and promote content online and in person!

  • Sunday, May 7th- Determine your risk
  • Monday, May 8th- Develop an evacuation plan
  • Tuesday, May 9th- Assemble disaster supplies
  • Wednesday, May 10th- Secure an insurance check
  • Thursday, May 11th- Strengthen your home
  • Friday, May 12th- Check on Your Neighbor
  • Saturday, May 13th- Complete your written hurricane plan

It takes 30 days for insurance to kick in



The FEMA Ready Campaign Team

The Town of Juno Beach Presents:
Mayor Haselkorn's Interview with Comcast
at the Florida League of Cities'
Annual Conference
 The Juno Beach Civic Association Presents:
“A Special Place”
(a 3-minute film about Juno Beach)

Want to know more about the exciting happenings in Juno Beach?


(Local Juno Beach Businesses are selected once a month by random draw)


Located at 815 Donald Ross Road, Juno Beach.

For additional information you can contact them at 561-624-0700.

For Information on Local Businesses In Juno Beach, please click here

FLOOD INSURANCE - Important Information and Helpful Links

• New flood maps will go into effect October 5, 2017.

Flood Policy Rates Article from the Palm Beach Post August 2015 -click here

Insurance Commissioner McCarty letter from the Office of Insurance Regulation - click here

Video link to: April 2015- NFIP Flood Insurance Manual Changes.  Click here
Posted February 13, 2015 - Additional information on FEMA Flood Maps- Flood Insurance Manual/Grandfathering - HFIAA-Fact Sheet, PRP Extension (please click here to view)

For the latest FEMA flood map/flood insurance information, please click on the following link: (posted January 8th)

Notice: Update to Fema's Flood Maps    “The Notice for updates to FEMA’s Flood Maps have been published in the Federal Register. The representative from FEMA indicated that he will let the municipalities know when the publication in the local newspapers takes place. There will be two consecutive weeks of one day notifications in the local newspapers. The 90 day appeal starts on the day of the second publication in the local newspapers which should mean the end of the appeal period to be about mid-March. Please plan your appeals appropriately.”  

Please click on this link for additional information

Proposed Flood Maps - to view maps please click here

To view the Floodplain Action Plan   please click Here

UPCOMING EVENTS: (Please check the News & Events Tab for More Information 

March 22nd - Shred Fest (Sponsored by the Juno Beach Civic Association)
March 28th - Town Council Meeting
March 29th - Bookmobile


Property Fraud Alert Information from the
Juno Beach Police Department
Property Fraud Alert Information
Anyone can sign up for FREE service to monitor their property records.


CPR/AED Certification Classes (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) / (Automated External Defibrillation)

The Juno Beach Police Department is offering CPR/AED certification classes at Town Center.  For more information and to sign up for upcoming classes please call: 561-626-2100.

Solid Waste Authority - Hazardous Household Waste Drop Off Information.  Please click here.

Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics:

Hurricane season runs June 1st through November 30th.  For information and important links please click here.

Please click on the following links for information on the Zika Virus:   Zika_Virus_Fact_Sheet.pdf; Zika Information

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You must be Real ID'd by October 1, 2020.  To board commercial flights or enter federal facilities you must have a REAL ID issued driver license effective these dates.  REAL ID’s have a star in the upper right corner of a driver's license.  For important information  please click here to be redirected.

Featured Event-  Bookmobile at Town Center from 11:45am-12:15pm
The Palm Beach County Library Bookmobile comes to Juno Beach Town Center   (please click here for scheduled dates)

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